My first orgasm

My first orgasm

I don’t know how, but somehow I managed to survive school without dying out of horniness. 😅 You can believe me, I wasn’t able to concentrate for a second. All I could think about was just my Vagina. 🥶😫I couldn’t realize what just happened! It all felt so unreal!  As I told you, I didn’t know ANYTHING about these topics and I just couldn’t figure out what that feeling was, why it was so f*cking good, and what I can do to experience it again? 😱🥵

I couldn’t wait to get home, so when I finally arrived at my place I immediately went up to my room, locked the door and I laid down on my bed. I took some time for myself and went threw all things that happened again. I went to school as normal … saw the boys accidentally … suddenly this feeling came … I couldn’t think about anything else … I touched my vagina … it got intense and even more intense … my body was shaking, and I felt like everything would explode soon… the other girls came, and I had to stop… 😫

I wanted to experience this feeling again. I didn’t know what it was or why it was there, but it was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. So, I lay down under the blankets in my bed, took off my hot pants, and put my hand into my underpants. Even though my hand was quite cold, my tight pussy felt pretty hot… I started moving my hands as I did it at school a few hours ago, in small circles, very slowly. I felt nothing. I started to rub faster. Nothing. I became faster and faster, rubbing my whole vagina!!! I felt NOTHING! 🥶😫😭 It just didn’t feel great. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing wrong. I just didn’t manage to get this UNBELIEVABLE feeling again. I was so sad you cannot imagine honey… I decided to take a break and put on my clothes again. 🥶

I haven’t been at the toilet for the whole day, so I really felt some pressure down there. I went into the bathroom, put down my hot pant, my underpants, and started to pee. 😅😏 I was tapping on my phone while that juice came out of me and suddenly, I received a snap from a classmate of mine. 😱Marcel was his name. I opened it and again couldn’t believe my eyes: He was standing there without his shirt, one hand holding his phone, the other one holding his dick. The text on the Snap said: “Lisa, I know you liked what you saw today 😘🔥”. “Holy shit”, I thought, “YES I LIKED IT”. Before I could think about how to respond to him (I wanted to deny everything hahah😅😂), I felt that tingling again.😍😏 And while looking at his sexy body that feeling in my vagina got more intense again… “That’s it!!”, I thought. 😘 I took off all my clothes completely, sat down on the carpet in the bathroom (kinda devoured my juice all over the bathroom cause I just peed hahaha)💦😏 and started rubbing. I looked at the picture, at every detail of it, while my hand got faster and faster.🥵🥵 The feeling got so EXTREME I tell you YOU CANNOT IMAGINE!!!😫🥶 I move my right hand in circles on the upper part of my vagina, breathing heavily.😫🥵 The carpet is getting wet as a mixture of all my body liquids!! I get so FUCKING FAST. At one point I cannot hold my phone anymore, I just throw it on the floor and using my other hand touching my tits.💦🔥 I massage my small tits with my left hand, grabbing them so hard that it kinda hurts, but just feels AMAZING! 😍😫I rub my pussy so fast, I thought my arm cannot do that any longer. 😭😫I lay back my head, close my eyes, and let all the pleasure come out of me. “Mmmmmm, Oahhhh”, I moaned. My mum was at home, she must have heard it but I did not care at all. 😭😱 I rub my vagina. I grab my tits. I moan. Faster. Faster. And even FASTER!!😫😫 And then I get this feeling again: I knew, I cannot control myself anymore. My whole body is doing its own thing.🥵🥵 My hand is not moving in circles anymore, it is just shaking somehow at lightspeed, trying to achieve maximum of pleasure. “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO EXPLODE” I think in my head.😭🥶 And then it comes: All is shaking. I was MOANING so loud my hand is doing its own thing, rubbing as fast as possible my other hand grabs my tit so that it hurt but it felt so good it cannot stop, getting faster moaning louder and then there finally was this EXPLOSION:🥵😫😍💦🔥 The pressure all disappeared. I am feeling relaxed and fucking exhausted.🥵😍  I got control over my body and opened my eyes again.😏 The pressure was gone and I was just feeling great.🔥😏 I breathed heavily and recognized that all my body was sweating. I tried to touch my vagina again but it was just hurting and like burning. 😅😂 I think I exaggerated, I was too sensitive. It was just wonderful.

While turning on my clothes again (which was kinda strange, cause my whole body was wet), I knew, that from now on my life will never be the same again.😏🔥 I experienced my first orgasm, and this was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.🥵😫 I left the bathroom, went into my room again, lay on my bed, and thought about what just happened. “I want to do that again”, I thought and only minutes later I fell asleep, cause I was so exhausted.😅🥵

Did you like the second part of my story? If so, please let me know in the comments and tell me what experience you want to know next <3.

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