Are you not 100% satisfied with your subscription? No problem!

Because we want every user to have a perfect and fair App Experience, we offer an additional Money-Back-Guarantee (independent) from Google. All you have to do is to text your order number to within 7 days after you have started your subscription. We will then refund the money from the last subscription cycle you paid within 72 hours. 😊

Please note that by purchasing you accept these Guidelines:

  • You only get a refund if you text with your order number (sent by Google, starting with “GPA”) within seven days after you have been charged.
  • You only get refunded for the last subscription cycle you paid, and not for all money you have paid in the Meetr App.
  • You only get refunded for the selected product you bought a maximum of seven days ago, and not for any other product you have bought in the Play Store or the Meetr App.
  • Please note, that we cannot refund your money if you sent us a wrong or incomplete order number that does not exactly match your order number or if you purchased the Subscription more than seven days ago.
  • The refund is only available for the Subscriptions inside the Meetr App with the ID’s “power.goldq22”, “power.goldm22”, and “power.goldw22”