Win FREE Meetr+ 14 days trial!

Click on “Try your luck” to start and scratch every 2 hours!

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How to Win free Meetr+?

Simply scratch over your screen and see if you have won! You can only win one time. If you do not win, you can try again every two hours.

What happens if I won?

We will contact you (within 1-5 business days) on the Mail Adress you provided us with your Personal Discount Code and a Guide how to redeem it.

What exactly can I win?

You can win a Code to get a 14-day Trial of the Meetr+ 3 Months Subscription.

Will I get charged when I win?

You do not have to pay anything to play or when you win. After you won we will send you a code, which you can enter in the Meetr App to get a 14-day Trial of Meetr+. After these 14 days, you will automatically get charged to the regular prices if you did not cancel before. If you do not redeem the code and not start a subscription, you also won’t be charged.

I have more questions, what can I do?

Please just contact