Powerfriends Community Guidelines

As a global online community, Powerfriends is always  trying to provide the greatest safety and best experience for his users. Our mission is to help everybody find a new friend he/she likes. Unfortunately, not everybody content brings us closer to our goal and is suitable for our valuable users. We have created these simple Guidelines, to provide the best experience for everybody on Powerfriends.

 What you do:

  •  Create an interesting profile. Choose a nice picture, describe yourself in a few words, and enter all (not too personal) information you like.
  •  Write friendly messages. On Always remember: The person on the other line also is a human with the same amount of feelings, value and love like you. Make sure to be friendly and not offensive.
  •  Find friends you like. Add people you like, buy just clicking their profile. Have fun and enjoy the App!
  •  Stay legal. It’s that simple: Everything not allowed in the real world, is also not allowed on Powerfriends. Illegal activity is strictly prohibited. If you see anything illegal on Powerfriends, we please you to report the user.

 What you please don’t do:

  •  Add too personal information to your profile. We value your safety & privacy. To provide a safe user experience, we please you to don’t post personal data like your phone number, address or other information on your profile page.
  • Write inappropriate messages. Not everybody is interested in the same things as you are. Don’t write messages, that may can offend other users. Always stay friendly and respectful and don’t insult anybody. A simple “Hey” is a good beginning of a conversation.
  •  Upload inappropriate images. Your profile picture should show you or anything you like. It is not allowed to show nudity, any forms of sexual content, gory images, images that promote or show drugs, or any other illegal offers or content.

If you follow these rules, you are on a good way. Even though, you have to also follow our exact and “longer” Guidelines:

What exactly is not allowed?
As mentioned before, there is some content, which is not allowed on this platform. We take these Guidelines very seriously, and will do everything to keep our platform safe and away from this content. In fact, we don’t allow:

  • Pornographic or sexual content
  • Images promoting or just displaying drugs, violence, weapons, nudity, sexual content, underwear or illegal activities.
  • Hate Speech
  • Marketplace activity, especially in selling nudes or other sexual content
  • Snapchat Accounts, which show nudity, promote illegal content, selling stuff or stealing identities
  • Any other illegal activity, content or promotion of illegal activities.
  • Spam and Bots
  • Impersonation

Steps we take if you don’t follow the guidelines
We know that it is not always easy to detect, whether something is allowed or not. When you are using images or texts on your profile, which violate our Guidelines, we will remove them from your profile. You then have the ability to upload new content, which doesn’t violate the rules. If you continue using not allowed content, we may deactivate your profile. Your account can also be deactivated, when you enter wrong information on the Registration page. If you did this by accident, please contact contact@powerred.eu. If you offense other users multiple times, using Bots on our App, promoting any illegal activity, misleading other users, or trying to sell stuff, we will deactivate your account too. If you think that your account got deactivated by mistake, you can fill out this form, and we will recheck your profile. You can also text contact@powerred.eu.

Pivacy & Terms
By using this app, you also accept our privacy policy and our terms of use. You can find and read it here.